January 18, 2004

Florida – The Beginning of our Trek

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January 18th – The Big Day: Today was the day we started our big Trek!

Packing Up the RV

Packing Up the RV

We made sure that our parakeet, Nikki, was safe and secure in his new home:

Nikki's New Home

Nikki's New Home

And all of our toys were loaded in Ele – our mobile Toy Box.  We carried our 2 road bikes, 2 mountain bikes, and 2 kayaks with us on our trip.

Our Toybox

Our Toybox

Our first stop was Jonathon Dickinson State Park.  Yes, we know it’s only an hour and a half from home, but Savanna’s Preserve was full and it was raining.  We wanted to stay close to home the first few nights to get used to the new RV and make sure we didn’t forget anything.  Were’nt we surprised to learn that our windshield leaked in the rain?!

Our First Campsite of the Trek

Our First Campsite of the Trek

We found some great singletrack off-road biking trails in Jonathon Dickinson, too!  I’m so inexperienced that I crashed several times – several bruises and scrapes and a splinter from getting too close to a tree – but I still had fun.  The paved roads in the park are also good for biking, too.

We had a great sunset to enjoy as well:

Our First Sunset

Our First Sunset

I’m sure we’ll be in for a lot of new “firsts” – we’re so excited for this adventure!


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