March 14, 2004

Deming, NM – Rockhounding

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Deming, NM is very popular for rock-hounding.  This is a fancy term for looking at rocks.  But the geology since west Texas has been beautiful.  The color variations and formations have been fascinating.  Coming from limestone-country, I guess it doesn’t take much to impress us.  But the rocks are pink, purple, red, green, beige, yellow, etc.  And all combinations thereof.  So we went hiking at Rockhound State Park and hoped to find something of interest (not too heavy or large, though!) – perhaps a fossil or a geode.  We did find lots of pretty rocks, petrified wood which you could still identify the bark and rings, wildflowers in bloom, and we saw Ibex (a large persian goat with antlers that curve over their back).  All in all, a very good day.

Andy the Rockhound

Andy the Rockhound

Heart-shaped Cactus

Heart-shaped Cactus

During our hike around the park we tried to find as many different shaped cacti as we could find – heart, mitten, Mickey Mouse, etc. It was a twist on the treasure hunt, but was quite fun.

Bloomin' Cacti

Bloomin' Cacti

Rockhound State Park has a nice RV campground.  We’ll have to remember this for the future since most of the private ones in Deming are on the highway.

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