October 10, 2004

Oregon Coast – Coos Bay

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We finally made some distance today – 100 miles to Coos Bay. Along the way we had plans to stop at several viewpoints and the carnivorous plant bog, but the fog was so thick we were happy just to be able to see the cars in front of us. We stopped at one overlook that did allow us to look down and watch “spouting horns”.  This action was due to holes in the rocks that would spout sea water when waves would come rushing ashore. You could really sense the power of the ocean standing here and seeing it funnel down narrow rock channels.

Spouting Horn

The first day in Coos Bay was foggy and cloudy. The second day was worse. It poured rain most of the day. Yesterday afternoon we needed a little break from the RV so we walked some shops and saw a matinee…Shark Tales.  Two of the shops were interesting – the Myrtlewood Factory and another shop that sold Kelp lamps – very interesting.

Our plans were to leave this morning but when we woke up and saw sunshine and blue skies, we thought we’d stay and check out the beaches here. The waves were some of the largest we’ve seen. We drove several miles along the coast stopping at different areas to watch the waves. Here’s what we saw…

Andy dodges a big one

Big Waves

Sea Palms Grow on Rocks

A Wave Explosion

The Observation Deck Takes a Hit

One of the viewpoints near Cape Arago was overlooking Simpson Reef. The rocks were covered with a plethora of marine mammals – harbor seals, california sea lions, stellar sea lions, and elephant seals. At first glance we thought the brown was the sand on the beach. A second look through binoculars showed us seals and seal lions galore.

Seals and Sea Lions

We took a break from wave watching and walked through Shore Acres Botanical Gardens. A beautiful little garden managed by Oregon State Parks system.

Shore Acres Botanical Gardens

Flower Macros

Dew Covered Rose

We also detoured to see John Topits Lake.  Sometimes we do things because we need to meet basic needs – for example, cell phone service.  We both had some calls to make to plan the next part of our trip and we could get cell service at this pretty park.

We’re heading south tomorrow. Should be at Redwoods NP Monday and on to Ashland, OR by Friday to meet up with Rene, Stacy, Tatiana, and the gang.

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