October 20, 2004

Ashland, OR

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We came to Ashland specifically to see my girlfriends since we figured we weren’t going to get down to San Francisco. They meet in Ashland every year for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Some come from Portland, some from San Fran. Surprisingly the drive is about half way for both groups. It was a wonderful weekend. We walked around the shops and saw some plays, went for a run and a bike ride, and played some games. Chicken-foot (a dominoes game) was the one game everyone could play. Considering there were 13 of us (including 2 babies) it was amazing the kitchen table could accommodate everyone.

Downtown Ashland

Downtown Ashland

Lithia Park

Lithia Park

Some of the Gang

Some of the Gang

October 18th:

We’re kinda sad right now since everyone has left and we’re still here in Ashland. We were planning on leaving this morning, but a snow storm in Lassen Volcanic NP (our next stop) is supposed to bring 16″ of snow and tomorrow winds are expected to be around 40 mph, with gusts of 70 at higher elevations. We decided to wait and let the storm pass before heading southeast over the mountain range. So, we will have to wait and see when we will leave Ashland and exactly where we are headed next…

October 19th:

Aaacck! We’re stuck on the wrong side of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges! Our plan to go southeast via CA89 to Lassen Volcanic NP has been foiled – road closures due to snow (2-4 feet of it). Plan B: head east via OR66 then 140 is no longer possible – chains are required to get through the passes. Plan C (created out of desperation since it doesn’t look like the weather is going to change for 10 days): head north then east – not an option because of 15″ of snow at Crater Lake, chains are required. Plan D: stay here in Ashland while it rains and hovers at 40 degrees – doesn’t sound like fun now that the gang is gone. Plan E: I-5 south. It’s our only option. We’re heading to Sacramento and will keep our eyes on this winter storm to see if I-80 reopens (chains required to get over the passes) or continue south to I-40. We didn’t want to retrace our steps, but we’re not always in control of our destination are we? We’ll just roll with the changes…as long as we don’t “roll” into a snowdrift somewhere! Guess we just didn’t start heading home soon enough. But the visit with friends was worth it.


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