November 28, 2004

Orlando & New Smyrna Beach, FL

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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen this many rednecks…no wonder Andy’s brother Joe likes central Florida so much – he fits right in! Only kidding Joe (but do visit again for pictures of Joe riding his jet ski while it’s still on the trailer). Thanksgiving with family was wonderful, as usual. Dot and Joe open their home to not only family, but several friends. This year there were 18 for dinner with more visitors dropping in afterwards.

Saturday morning we popped in on our friends Gerry and Chris Thomas who have just relocated to Orlando. Literally – the movers were there delivering furniture Saturday. When we saw them in January, Colin was an infant, and now he is teetering around trying to walk. So we spent a few hours at their new home before heading over to New Smyrna Beach to re-join Andy’s family.

We did the usual in Smyrna – crochet, bocci, ping pong, bike, shop, the kids surfed…But it wasn’t the same without Rob and Betsy there. We stayed at a nearby campground because we weren’t sure about the RV fitting in the driveway. We’ve measured it now so we know we can fit for future visits, but of course that leaves no parking space for anyone else! We may be back as early as January when Andy’s other brother, Bobby, is in town with family visiting. But there’s also that little trust issue…trusting Joe and Nick (and you too Bobby) with the RV parked that close. These pranksters can’t be trusted, especially when together.

During a bike ride along the intercoastal today we got to see dolphins. Several. They were coming close to shore for fish. We watched them for awhile. They would take off after a fish at incredible speeds, and sometimes even jump out of the water chasing fish.

Can’t believe we’re heading home to Boca tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to see what has changed and how our perception of our world has changed. We’ll keep you informed of any and all future trips. Just keep checking our blog to see what we’re up to!