Our Story

Our Story
In January 2004 we had a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to travel the country.  Our goal was to visit as many of the parks in the US that we can – national and state.  Our time frame was open and we had no plan or schedule…we devised one as we went, primarily based on weather in areas.  But the great part of having no itinerary was that we could stay longer in places when we felt the desire, or leave an area sooner if we decided we’d seen enough.  Flexibility.  What a lovely idea!

Our RV is an Itasca Spirit, 29’6″ and we tow our Honda Element behind, which carries all of our toys – 2 kayaks, 2 mountain bikes, 2 road bikes.  We just felt that we couldn’t take a vacation without our toys…and it worked out perfectly.  We got to bike or kayak whenever and wherever we wanted without the hassles of renting.  Somedays we even multi-sport, such as in Ocala, FL when we went bike riding in the morning and kayaking in the afternoon, without ever having to go back “home”.

About this blog (Travel Log 2004)

We developed this blog to try and keep our family and friends informed while we were on our travels.

I’m actually going back in time to re-capture these moments.  Technology has changed and new tools have become available to us.  The blog I used during 2004 no longer exists.  This is a reproduction – a journey of love to recapture our stories and pictures and have them available for a long time to come.  For those of you who followed us during 2004, please note that I’ve elaborated on our stories and added pictures to the original postings so you might enjoy re-reading some of these posts.  It has been fun re-reading my journals from years ago and reliving our travels!

What we learned in 2004 was that traveling by RV was addictive.  We thought it was going to be a rare opportunity and would only last a year.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  We’ve continued RVing and seeing the country for months at a time as intermittent explorers.  Our adventures from 2005 and on can be found through our website Diandy.  We hope you enjoy our stories and possibly visit some of the places we mention.  Some of our favorite memories were from other people’s recommendations, so feel free to add comments or email us with your recommendations, because we hope to continue our travels for many, many years!


Diane and Andy

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